Provider Awards for January 2014

The LingQ library is growing over time thanks to all of our content providers.  Each month we collect the expired points on LingQ and redistribute them to the LingQ community in the form of our Provider Awards. This is our way of saying thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contribute lessons to LingQ allowing our members to choose from a variety of interesting lessons.

You can learn more about importing and sharing lessons by going to the Import Help page. If you find helpful and interesting content, feel free to share it with other learners at LingQ.

Here are the top 25 providers for January 2014:

points_feb (416x500)

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New Lessons in January 2014

Take a look at the new lessons added to the LingQ library in January 2014. Find something interesting and motivating in a language you are learning.


الربيع العربي (Standard Arabic)
This course is for “intermediate 2” or “advanced” learners, and it talks about the Arab spring.It tells the story from the beginning , so I think it is very interesting for people who like history, and also for people who want to know what happened the last few years, and what is going on in the middle east. Enjoy the lessons! Lessons in Course: 3, New This Month: 3
خطوة بخطوة step by step
This content is suitable for people who are starting from scratch learning Arabic, those lessons are in the Egyptian dialect. I try to speak slowly and sometimes I repeat the phrase to emphasize the pronunciation and to make it clearer to you. I hope it’s helpful to you. Enjoy it. Lessons in Course: 11, New This Month: 7


Slow Chinese
About 慢速中文 Slow Chinese is a culture podcast for Chinese learners. If you are learning Chinese and have endless curiosity about China, you are at the right place! 慢速中文 Slow Chinese podcasts are personal narratives by native Chinese people, they are read in Mandarin at a slow speed (2~3 Characters per second). Topics vary from language, knowledge, tradition and culture to opinions on social phenomenon. We are a team of enthusiastic people and we will devote ourselves to revealing the authentic China in its own language. However, we are not professional Chinese teachers. We do not garantee the correctness of choice of word and grammatic. What we do grantee is that we are 100% Chinese. Lessons in Course: 3, New This Month: 1
(No description) Lessons in Course: 1, New This Month: 1


20.000 Mijlen onder Zee van Jules Verne
Kapitein Nemo, de Nautilus en de mysterieuze diepten van de oceaan: Onvergetelijk. Kom mee op een avontuur langs de pracht van koraal en parels, de dreiging van haaien en reuze inktvissen, de wonderen van biologie en techniek, een reis van Antarctica naar Atlantis. Of we nu meegaan in een verhaal van het fantastische onbekende, een vertelling van het zwartste in de ziel van de mens, of een nieuwe interpretatie van de Odyssee van Homerus, we zullen allen genieten van een fantastische reis. Zeeziekte is optioneel. (samenvatting van Marlo Dianne) Dit boek werd in het Nederlands in twee delen uitgegeven. Deel 1 (Oostelijk halfrond) bevatte de hoofdstukken 1 t/m 24 en in deel 2 (Westelijk halfrond) werden de hoofdstukken doorgenummerd: 25 t/m 47. Deze opname bevat alle hoofdstukken van beide delen. De vertaler is onbekend. Lessons in Course: 47, New This Month: 30
Podcasts met Fasulye
(No description)| Lessons in Course: 30, New This Month: 1
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One Third of the 90-Day Language Challenge

We are now almost a third of the way through our language Challenge. It’s a good time to take stock and review how you are doing (check your progress snapshot) and what we have achieved collectively (see the chart below). Give yourself a quick pat on the back and then move on to Week 5! As many of you mentioned on the forums, it is not easy to meet all the targets but… that’s why it’s called a challenge!

See what you need to do to give the top LingQers a run for their money in the 90-Day Challenge.

90-day language challenge summary

Steve’s tip of the week

“We sometimes feel we have no time to study. In some cases we have to sacrifice other activities to make time for language study. However, with our hand mobile learning devices, lots of dead time during the day can be used for language study. It’s amazing how it all adds up.

Some days we don’t feel like studying. At times a good strategy is to vary the kind of studying activity we are engaged in. Maybe we are staying too long with the same content, trying very hard to make sense of it, or remember it. When we feel discouraged we should move on to something else, or watch a movie in the language, or just take a rest. Our enthusiasm is our best guarantee of success and it needs to nurtured.”

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge on YouTube

Challenge Spotlight

Check back each week as we profile different Challenge participants. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!

ferdy profile

For Ferdy, the 90-Day Challenge is providing good motivation to keep studying intensively as he works on improving his Czech. He can already see the results of the effort he’s made so far: “I’m happy with how it is going. Normally I take a month off after a few weeks intensive, but with this challenge, I hope to keep focused.” Good luck! Hodně štěstí!

lucas profile

TheBrazilianPolyglot (Lucas) chose Italian for the 90-Day Challenge. The similarities between Italian and his native language is Portuguese should help, but it’s still hard work to learn a new language! Lucas says he reads and listens a little bit every day, but he feels that it’s not enough. The next step is to download lesson audio files and listen as much as possible. He expects to be busy as he begins a new job this week, but he plans to keep learning after work and listening to his lessons while commuting back and forth. Buona fortuna, Lucas!

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Week 4: Developing Good Learning Habits

Here we are in week 4 already! It feels like we just started. Time flies when you’re having fun! You have put in the work developing good learning habits and you should really be hitting your stride now.

See where you rank and what you need to do to challenge the top LingQers in the90-Day Challenge.

Are you meeting your challenge targets? Keep an eye on your Progress Snapshot to help you stay on track.

In the dropdown, select the 90-Day Challenge option to see your progress for the entire challenge.

Of course if you prefer to focus on shorter term goals, you can look at weekly or monthly targets instead. Focusing on weekly targets and being consistent with your learning activities will get you there just the same.

progress snapshot

Steve’s Tip of the Week

“To speak well, we eventually need to speak a lot, without worrying about how we sound, or the mistakes we make. We will learn through our mistakes. However, to make sure we improve, we need to continue listening and reading.

If we expose ourselves to lots of the language through massive reading and listening, we will notice more and more things; words, grammar patterns and even aspects of pronunciation. But we have to want to notice these things. We have to train ourselves to be attentive to the language.”

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge on YouTube

Challenge Statistics

Number of Challenge Participants: 1,859

Total Number of LingQs Created: 554,601

Total Number of Words Learned: 1,836,608

Challenge Spotlight

Check back each week as we profile a few Challenge participants. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!


Julz611, known as one of the most positive and outgoing members of the LingQ community, started learning Chinese from scratch in her 50s. Age is no a barrier at all. She likes Chinese people and wants to use the language as a bridge to befriend and assist new immigrants in her community.
Julz’s favorite activity during the Challenge so far is listening on her MP3 player and reading on the iPad (which is a new habit, by the way). The most challenging but rewarding aspect is learning the characters. Good luck, Julz, and thanks for your positive attitude! 祝你好运!


amanuel2008 is studying a few languages for the 90-Day Challenge. He is planning to get into a doctoral history program which requires the knowledge of various languages. His goal is to perfect a higher level Spanish as well as move to the next level in German, Latin, French and Italian. Sounds challenging, but amanual2008 is motivated and planning to start speaking with native speakers very soon. Best of luck to you in all the languages you are learning!

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Learning Korean with the iPad

I’m Alex. You may have seen me around the forum or over at LingQ Support. You probably know by now that I work at LingQ, but what you may not know is that I’ve been learning Korean for over 6 years now. Over the past 6 years I’ve dabbled in other languages, spending around a year learning Japanese and about a year and a half studying Chinese, but Korean is the language that I’ve stuck with consistently through the years.

It helps that I’m actively involved in the Korean community here in Vancouver, which means lots of opportunities each week to interact with local Koreans. I’ve been able to achieve a conversationally fluent level in Korean, though that doesn’t necessarily give much of an idea of what my level is. Here’s a video from 2012 filmed by my friend Hyunwoo Sun that should give you a rough idea of my level:

I’ve always been a bit of an Apple geek, having spent more on Apple gadgets over the past several years than I care to admit. But I held out strongly against the iPad. I had a Macbook Air, the most portable Apple laptop, and an iPhone 4S (now 5S) to keep me company and struggled to see the value of an iPad amongst my already fairly portable devices.

The company was kind enough to give us iPads this year, and my life has changed dramatically as a result. Sure, it’s great to be able to watch Netflix in bed and scroll through Facebook while at a coffee shop, but those were things I did anyway. What the iPad has done is rekindled my love for reading in Korean.

Motivation is a constant struggle, and while I have plenty of chances to interact with Koreans, my biggest problem is a lack of vocabulary. I think LingQ is great, and I found the site originally as a learner when I was studying Chinese, but when you work with the product you use it’s hard to switch gears sometimes. Not to mention that after spending all day on the computer, I don’t necessarily want to rush home and sit down at a desk to do more of the same.

Working my way through an imported lesson is now much less daunting as I can now just pull out my iPad, relax on the couch then tap away. Creating LingQs is easy – the text looks great on the retina screen and the text-to-speech and audio work without a hitch. Sure, it’s not as efficient as working on the computer, but I’m much more likely to do it and in the end that’s what matters. The great news is that LingQing on the iPad is about to get a whole lot better (but more on that later).

Steve has been a huge fan of learning languages on the iPad and talks about it often here at LingQ HQ, and despite holding out now for a few years I must say that I have come to love learning Korean on my iPad too.

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Week 3: Let’s continue the efforts to study our languages!

90-day challenge efforts to study

Can you believe the second week has already come to an end? As we move into the third week, let’s continue our efforts to study daily and achieve those weekly targets!

Curious as to where you stand? Take a look at the 90-Day Challenge Rankings and compare yourself to the top LingQers for your language!

Steve’s Tip of the Week

Don’t expect to master anything, nor remember anything. Expect to forget everything.

When you least expect it, you will find yourself at a new level of understanding of the language, and a new level of ability to use the language. These moments of success are infrequent, and sneak up on you, but they make it all worthwhile.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge on YouTube

Challenge Statistics

Number of Challenge Participants: 1,713

Number of LingQs Created: 186,757

Number of Words Learned: 614,469

Most Popular Challenge Languages:

English – 484 participants

 Spanish – 245 participants

French – 240 participants

German – 218 participants

Russian – 127 participants

Challenge Spotlight

Each week we will be highlighting some Challenge participants by sharing their stories. Share your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!

glbaldock member

glbaldock already has a basic proficiency in French, but she wants to progress in the language as she prepares for an upcoming French exam. During the 90-Day Challenge she is planning on doing a lot of listening and reading and hopes to significantly increase her active vocabulary. Good luck with your French Challenge and with your upcoming exam – you’ll do great! Bonne chance!

proexpert member

Anton, aka ProExcept, started actively learning English just one month ago. He never imagined that he would enjoy learning a language. Now he says, “LingQ has become a habit, a very good habit.” Anton’s 90-Day Challenge goal is to achieve an advanced level in English as well as to try himself out as a Russian tutor (Russian learners, join Anton for a conversation sometime!). Good luck, Anton!

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90-Day Challenge – Week 2

90-day challenge (500x196)

Congratulations on completing the first week of the 90-Day Challenge! By now, you’ve hopefully started to find your rhythm!

If you haven’t done so yet, head over to the Exchange page and take a look at the Challenge rankings to see where you stack up with the top participants!

Tip of the Week
“Language learning is about creating new habits, new study habits and new language habits. Better get started.

Acquiring vocabulary and getting used to a new language is an endurance activity. You just have to stay the course and the results will come. Believe in yourself.

– Steve Kaufmann,
LingQ co-founder

You can follow Steve on YouTube as he vlogs daily about his own 90-Day Korean Challenge.

Challenge Statistics

Number of Challenge Participants: 1,384

Number of LingQs Created: 184,603

Number of Words Learned: 614,363

Challenge Spotlight
Each week we will be highlighting some Challenge participants by sharing their stories. Share your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!

memberstoryElizabethFaith is joining the Challenge all the way from Nepal. Her hope is to reach Intermediate 1 in Spanish. Elizabeth sponsors two kids in Central America and would like to visit them soon. We have no doubts that in three months she will be able to communicate with them very well.
¡Buena suerte!

frogy71Frogy71 is joining the Challenge to make a breakthrough in his Russian. Although he concedes it is a difficult language to learn (oh, those Russian verbs and multiple synonyms!), he is determined to achieve the Intermediate 1 level by the end of the Challenge (and probably impress a few Russians along the way!).

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The 90-Day Challenge Starts Today!


Last week we announced the 90-Day Challenge. We hope you’ve all had plenty of time to rest up and get ready, as the challenge starts today!

We have already had 650 LingQ members sign up to take the challenge, and we welcome you to do the same! If you haven’t signed up yet, now is your chance! You can sign up at any time over the next 90 days, though late registrants will need to work extra hard to meet these same targets by April 15, 2014.

If you’re a challenge participant, keep an eye out for a weekly email with some challenge updates, tips, encouragement and more!

LingQ founder Steve Kaufmann is also embarking on his own 90-Day Korean Challenge and you can follow his progress on his YouTube channel.

Good luck to you all!

start button

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Take the 90-Day Challenge on LingQ!

90-day challenge (500x196) 

Are you looking to make a breakthrough in your language in 2014? If so, we invite you to join us for the 90-Day Challenge! The challenge is a great opportunity for learners of all levels, whether you’re starting from scratch or have already been at it for a while.

The 90-Day Challenge officially starts on January 15th, 2014, so you’ll have a few days to get yourself ready to tackle the challenge. Jumpstart your language learning for 2014 and see what you can achieve in 90 days!

start buttonShare your journey with your friends on the 90-Day Challenge page on LingQ and our Facebook page and join LingQ founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs daily throughout his own 90-Day Korean Challenge. Use hashtags #LingQ #90daychallenge to share your thoughts and experiences on Twitter.

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Steve’s Corner – Travel and language learning

Is foreign travel a condition of language learning? Can we learn to become fluent without ever leaving our home?

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