New Language Lessons at LingQ

One of the secrets of successful language learning is finding content which seems interesting to you. Take a look at the new language lessons added to our library in March. Choose something of interest in your language and try it out.


(No description)
Lessons in Course: 1, New This Month: 1


Základní číslovky 1-20
cardinal numbers
Lessons in Course: 1, New This Month: 1


RTV Rijnmond met VIDEO
RTV Rijnmond heeft hun vriendelijke toestemming gegeven om de videos van hun youtube channel te delen op LingQ. RTV Rijnmond is de regionale publieke omroep voor het gebied Zuid-Holland-Zuid. en
Lessons in Course: 64, New This Month: 3

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Week 11 of the Language Challenge. We are Almost There!

The tenth week is now behind us. It’s been a long journey, but we are almost at the finish line! After ten weeks of steady effort, how do you feel with your target language? More confident? Surprised at your improvements? Still frustrated? The good news is that the journey doesn’t end with our Language Challenge. The habits and skills you’ve developed over the last 70 days will help you progress even further long after the Challenge has finished. But until then, check your Progress Snapshot to see which targets you need to focus on over the remaining 3 weeks!


Just like Steve, Jessica Lombardo is doing the 90-Day Challenge for Korean, and is consistently exceeding her learning targets at LingQ week after week. Great job!

Take a look at Jessica’s 2-minute monologue in Korean:

Do you feel confident enough to share your Challenge experience? Post a link to your video on the Challenge page or on our Facebook page. We look forward to watching how you are doing your 90-Day Challenge!


Imagine doing the 90-Day Challenge for three languages and getting married. That’s just what Martin (domorodec) from the Czech Republic did! Apparently he didn’t feel challenged enough…!

Congratulations, Martin! True love is a great motivation for language learning! 🙂



Not every day is exciting in language learning. Some days are drudgery. You don’t feel like doing much. On such days, just do a little. Finish a lesson. Do a simple task, or a few. Every little bit counts. If you do that, you will feel good about yourself, and be even more motivated the next day, when you have more energy.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge.


Here are the results from last week’s poll. Thanks to all of you who have taken a minute to participate. Creating LingQs and reading interesting content seem to be the most enjoyable part of the Challenge.

poll the most enjoyable part


Thanks to all the participants who share their stories, experiences and energy of inspiration. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!


Streeling: “I think I have been making as much progress as I can realistically make so far with approximately  1 hour a day. As I was at an intermediate stage with Spanish reading before I started the 90-Day Challenge, I did not expect a ‘great leap forward’ but am hoping for a bit of deepening and widening, and generally more ease and speed in reading. I am comfortable with reading most texts and am finding that the law of diminishing returns is slowing beginning to kick in. Every hour spent now results in a smaller and smaller level of visible progress. But at the same time I feel content enough with this as I don’t think that I’m going to be faced with that many texts in the future where I have no real clue about the content. I find myself reading in a similar way to the way I read English, e.g. by looking at the page and scanning it faster than I could pronounce the words rather than reading every word like I would do a couple of years ago. 

At some stage in the future I am going to have to do some more serious study of grammar and/or some drills, as there are certain things that I am not completely sure that I’ve fully grasped the correct tenses in a complicated article of something.

The hardest thing for me is reading. I still like to have a computer translation in the background to refer to when I hit a complicated phrase, or to glance over to check I’m not making any big mistakes in understanding. Over the next 6 months I’m hoping to wean myself off this. I’m still reading electronic articles not paper articles and am still reading short texts (2500 words) rather than a novel or book with multiple chapters of discussion. All of these I am looking to move onto in the future.

I have made steady progress in listening. First time round I still don’t understand a lot of authentic content. But I feel fairly comfortable after a couple of listens that I understand everything at speed. I think I do agree with you that listening probably does help in the long run with speaking.

My speaking is poor, though this is because I don’t have a lot of time to practice. I prefer to speak to Spanish speakers face to face rather than through Skype (I prefer to see who I’m talking to and do it over a coffee) and I’m hoping to work on this as the weather gets better with more language exchanges in the summer.  I think 50-100 hours on this and I would make a big leap forward. I think our steady and patient ideas of language learning are the only real way to make real progress in the end”.

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Week 10: Language Learning Has Become a Habit

It may sound unbelievable but it is already week 10 of our 90-Day Challenge! At this point, language learning has certainly become a habit that will be difficult to break. The more we spend on our languages the better, but, even a small amount of time each day makes the difference in helping you progress. If you feel you are a bit behind, don’t worry. You still have 4 more weeks to roll up your sleeves and reach those targets!


Our special thanks go to ElienneFelipe Cespedes and Rick McGuire, so far, the only participants who have been brave enough to make videos and share their learning experiences. They have already received individual responses from Steve.

Do you have something to share with others about your own 90-Day Challenge? Post a link to your video on the Challenge page or on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing how you are enjoying your challenge.

Felipe is making progress in his English:


Elienne’s Dutch is impressive:

 Rick is attempting to speak Spanish after a month of his Challenge:


When reading, there will always be sections that you don’t fully understand. There should be. If you understand everything, you are either reading material that is too easy, or you are already fully functional in the language. But if you want to learn, and improve, don’t worry about what you don’t understand. If you read that passage again in a few months it will all be clear to you.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge.


What do you like most in your Challenge? Reviewing your new LingQs, speaking your target language and feeling improvements, or maybe reading your favorite book in its original language? Let us know. Submit your responses in our 90-Day Challenge Poll!

Here are the results from last week’s poll. It seems that language learning is much easier when we are sincerely interested in the language itself and culture standing behind it:

poll2 your motivation_edited-1


Thanks to all the participants who share their stories, experiences and energy of inspiration. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!


lilidoc75: “I spent three years on learning French and five years on English at school, but it was always a torture for me to learn them. That time I could neither to understand simple texts in French nor to have even small talk in English with people from different countries. I was dissatisfied with it and finally abandoned to use them at all. Before getting to LingQ, I couldn’t believe language learning might be so much enjoyable. Now I know that only motivation and consistency enable me to achieve my goals. One of them is to be able to watch English films without subtitles as well as enjoy live Oscar nomination 🙂 Learning English daily became my habit. Thank you, LingQ, for this helpful experience!”

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Week 9 of the Challenge: Time to hear from you!

We have just started week 9 of the Challenge. The finish line is getting closer! Many of you are hitting all your targets but, as we see in the poll results below, some are finding certain targets difficult. Don’t worry! A little focus on those areas can quickly catch you up. There is more than enough time (5 weeks!) to knock all your targets into shape!


Feel like sharing your progress so far? Follow Steve’s example and post a video of you speaking your new language or even just talking about your Challenge.

Steve will be watching and enjoying all your videos and will post individual feedback and advice to help you in the final third of your challenge!

Post a link to your video on the Challenge page or on our Facebook page. Let others know how you are enjoying your challenge!


What are your key motivators in taking the challenge? Are you going to be traveling to a country where your language is spoken? Do you want to improve your job prospects? Let us know.

Submit your responses in our 90-Day Challenge Poll!

Here are the results from the last week. Thanks to all of you who have taken a minute to participate:

90-day challenge


When you listen, don’t worry if you are not always focused on what you are listening to. The mind will wander. Of course, the more interesting the content, and the more you understand, the easier it is to focus. But if the content is difficult, or a little boring, just let it wash over you, focus when you can, and don’t worry about the parts you miss.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge.


Thanks to all the participants who share their stories and pictures. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!


lu1974 admits that French seems to be easier to learn because it is close to lu1974’s native language Spanish. lu1974 has decided to make the 90-Day Challenge a bit more challenging with English. However, motivation and interest help a lot. lu1974 has one of the highest activity scores in English Rankings! Great job!

where do you LingQ

“LingQing a casa (Italian for “at home”). Surrounded by books, books and more books! La bella vita”.

Thanks to huggie_spice for sharing her picture and letting us know where she LingQs. She is learning Italian for the 90-Day Challenge and doing it great. Her top position in the Italian Rankings is worth a thousand words. Congratulations, huggie_spice!

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Week 8: We Are on Our Way to an Even Greater Level of Fluency!

Wow, we are now in week 8! This means that we have just passed the halfway point of our 90-Day Challenge journey!

We’re sure you have already noticed major improvements in your language abilities.

Stay focused over the remaining 6 weeks. Intensity in language learning improves results exponentially! Stay with it to achieve that major breakthrough.

poll image

And, of course, so you can say you completed the LingQ 90-Day Challenge!


How are you finding the Challenge so far? What is the hardest part about the Challenge?

Submit your responses in our 90-Day Challenge Poll and we’ll share the results next week!


Remember how important your attitude is. You will study better if you are somewhat emotionally engaged with the language. That is why content you like, and a voice you like are so important. That is why you should not force yourself to complete lessons you don’t like.

Your determination and confidence will influence your brain. Our mind can influence our brain. This may sound silly but is confirmed in clinical observation.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge.


We are still looking forward to seeing where you LingQ. Take a picture and post it on the 90-Day Challenge page, and then share your photo on Twitter using the hashtags #LingQ #90daychallenge.

Click here to post your photo

dean hyatt_picture

Dean Hyatt is juggling Dutch, French and Spanish and is planning to bring all three to A2 level by the end of the #LingQ #90daychallenge.


Thanks to all the participants who share their stories, Challenge experiences and energy of inspiration! Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!

sue wright

SueWt: “I’m learning French and have learned and understood a lot more since Steve started the 90-Day Challenge. The LingQ way of learning is a marvellous way! However, I still find the sentence building a big problem, but I hope it will sink in soon.
I am at the Beginner 2 level and fast approaching Intermediate, but might feel a little intimidated if talking to native French speakers, though I can understand that it would be the same for all of us no matter what our nationalities are. Bonne chance tout le monde!”


 nate81 (Nathan): “It is exciting to me as I keep putting in the time that I can actually understand stuff which was foggy at the beginning of the Challenge, like “Who is She”, I know it’s supposed to be a simple story but it was confusing to me as I didn’t know enough words. Some times as I’m listening to the material it’s almost like I’m listening to it in English, maybe German and English are more alike that I once realized.

After the 90-Day Challenge I hope there is some sort of other “challenge” like a 12 week challenge or something like that”.

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Provider Awards for February 2014

The LingQ community is unique in that members, in addition to learning languages on their own, also help others learn by providing interesting lessons. It’s thanks to these members that LingQ’s Library has been able to grow into one of the best foreign language libraries on the web!

Each month we collect the expired points on LingQ and redistribute them to the LingQ community in the form of our Provider Awards. This is our way of saying thanks to everyone who has taken the time and efforts to contribute lessons to LingQ.

You can learn more about importing and sharing lessons by going to the Import Help page. If you have something interesting for other learners (and you have permission to use it!), feel free to share your content!

Here are the top 25 providers for February 2014:

provider february

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New Lessons in February

There are so many new lessons in the LingQ library thanks to our contributors! Take a minute to find something interesting in a language you are learning.


Slow Chinese
About 慢速中文 Slow Chinese is a culture podcast for Chinese learners. If you are learning Chinese and have endless curiosity about China, you are at the right place! 慢速中文 Slow Chinese podcasts are personal narratives by native Chinese people, they are read in Mandarin at a slow speed (2~3 Characters per second). Topics vary from language, knowledge, tradition and culture to opinions on social phenomenon. We are a team of enthusiastic people and we will devote ourselves to revealing the authentic China in its own language. However, we are not professional Chinese teachers. We do not garantee the correctness of choice of word and grammatic. What we do grantee is that we are 100% Chinese.
Lessons in Course: 3, New This Month: 2


20.000 Mijlen onder Zee door Jules Verne
Kapitein Nemo, de Nautilus en de mysterieuze diepten van de oceaan: Onvergetelijk. Kom mee op een avontuur langs de pracht van koraal en parels, de dreiging van haaien en reuze inktvissen, de wonderen van biologie en techniek, een reis van Antarctica naar Atlantis. Of we nu meegaan in een verhaal van het fantastische onbekende, een vertelling van het zwartste in de ziel van de mens, of een nieuwe interpretatie van de Odyssee van Homerus, we zullen allen genieten van een fantastische reis. Zeeziekte is optioneel. (samenvatting van Marlo Dianne) Dit boek werd in het Nederlands in twee delen uitgegeven. Deel 1 (Oostelijk halfrond) bevatte de hoofdstukken 1 t/m 24 en in deel 2 (Westelijk halfrond) werden de hoofdstukken doorgenummerd: 25 t/m 47. Deze opname bevat alle hoofdstukken van beide delen. De vertaler is onbekend.
Lessons in Course: 47, New This Month: 17
De beide bloemen door Oude Sprookjes
De beide bloemen opnieuw verteld door J.J.A. Goeverneur.
Lessons in Course: 4, New This Month: 4
Podcasts met Fasulye
(No description)
Lessons in Course: 31, New This Month: 1
Roodkapje door Oude Sprookjes
Roodkapje opnieuw verteld door J.J.A. Goeverneur.
Lessons in Course: 4, New This Month: 4

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Where do you LingQ?

The weekend is finally here! What are your Challenge plans for the next couple of days? Are you planning to stay at home and LingQ ’til the early hours of the morning, or will you take your lessons with you as you walk, hike, run or shop?

Take a picture where you LingQ and post it on the 90-Day Challenge page. Are you listening to lessons at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or reading lessons on the subway on the app? Do you do flashcards on your iPad in bed or are you LingQing at a slick workstation in your basement? Share your pictures on the Challenge page and then share your post on Twitter using the hashtags #LingQ #90daychallenge

To get the ball rolling, LingQ’s very own Mark and Alex have posted photos of where they LingQ. We look forward to seeing where you LingQ!

where do you LingQ Alex

A nice device + a beautiful day = more LingQs!

Click here to post your photo

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Week 7: You Will be Rewarded with Major Progress in your Language

It seems like we just started but we are in week 7 already! A big piece of Challenge cake has already been eaten, but even more is waiting for us!

Congratulations to the top LingQers in all languages, and to all of you who continue to forge ahead! Know that you will be rewarded with major progress in your language (and, if that isn’t enough, that you will earn something nice for your Avatar!).

If you have fallen behind a bit, don’t worry! You’ve still got half of the Challenge ahead of you to make up for any lost time!


Vary the big picture learning and the nuts and bolts learning. I try for 80% listening and reading, and 20% reviewing words or grammar points.

Vary the difficulty level of your lessons. Challenge yourself with difficult texts and every so often review some easy material that you did before.

Don’t underestimate the cumulative long term effect of your learning efforts. Don’t look for short term gain, but just soldier on in the confidence that the long term results will meet your expectations.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge on YouTube.


Top LingQers by Activity Score

chart leaders


It is so great to hear from our participants about their Challenge experiences and impressions. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!


Huggie_spice: “Before the challenge I would gorge myself on a language for weeks then take huge breaks for weeks or even months. I progressed, however, very slowly. I could read very simple passages understanding maybe half of what I read. When someone spoke to me in Italian I could barely understand them even when it was something as simple as ‘Where do you live?’

“Returning to LingQ is one of the most pleasurable decisions I’ve made this year. Since the start of the 90-Day Challenge my Italian has improved by leaps and bounds. I have thus far managed to meet my daily goals, not an easy task but I’ve met them. I read, write and listen every day now. Plus I’ve started 1 on 1 tutor sessions so that I can get my speaking in.

“My vocabulary has improved so much that I am now also able to read short stories on all sorts of topics and am writing and speaking with more confidence. I’ve also discovered some really great Italian music which makes the whole process more fun when one tires of flashcards, reading and dictation. Overall, this challenge has thus far been fantastic!”


ColinJohnstone: “I have been trying to use the challenge as a way to get started with Russian. I did some Russian last year, but could never keep the motivation up for long periods of time. Since the beginning of the challenge, around 5 weeks ago, I have averaged over an hour a day of listening, and read over 22,000 words in Russian, according to my LingQ statistics. I have also been going through Assimil and doing around 10 minutes a day memorising vocabulary with Anki. This is not even close to what I was doing when I started German 18 months ago, but is still an effective work rate. I notice big improvements in my Russian comprehension”.

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Week 6: Are You Noticing Significant Progress?

As we head in to Week 6 you should definitely be noticing significant progress! We’re well over a month in and if you have been meeting your targets, you have already done a lot. The number of Challenge participants continues to grow so you latecomers have some work to do to catch up but you can do it! As of today, there are 2194 of us from all over the world doing the Challenge (see the Top 5 Countries below).

Having trouble meeting your writing and speaking targets? Take advantage of our 20% points discount to help you achieve all your targets for the challenge.

“Make your learning activity as meaningful as possible. Once you are past the beginning stages, look for lesson content that interests you. When you speak to tutors make the subject meaningful. When you have a real and meaningful opportunity to use the language, do so”.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge on YouTube.

meaningful conversation


Top 5 Countries represented in the Challenge

United States – 406 participants

United Kingdom – 163 participants

Canada – 131 participants

Brazil – 130 participants

Russia – 113 participants


Check back each week as we profile different Challenge participants. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!


Syneryder noted that he is finding the 90-Day Challenge… well… challenging! However, he says it has helped him a lot in staying focused and motivated while learning German. Achieving the Known Words target is the most challenging part, he says. “That’s something I probably wouldn’t do without the challenge, I usually wouldn’t care so much about meeting the targets.” No matter how many targets are hit, he is sure that the Challenge will result in a significant bump in his German ability. Just don’t stop, Syneryder! Viel Glück!


Brian (CannIK84) is currently learning Russian for the Challenge. His personal goal is to bring himself up to at least an intermediate level, and we wish him good luck in achieving this goal! This year he is planning to travel to St. Petersburg, and he says he is looking forward to practicing his Russian in real conversations. We’re sure he’ll impress at least a few Russians during his trip. Удачи!

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