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The 90-Day Challenge: A Look Back

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 90-Day Challenge! From January 15 to April 15, many of us have been working hard on our languages, sacrificing other activities, maybe even sleeping less… but it was worth it! Congratulations to all our participants, both those who have met all the targets (and have earned a nice graduation cap for […]

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Final Week of Our 90-Day Language Challenge

Just 7 days left before our language challenge officially ends! Now is the time to push through to the end and get those targets met. Don’t forget! To see your targets, go to your Progress Snapshot and change the period to 90-Day Challenge. Make sure to record any activities you haven’t yet recorded. We’ve got a nice […]

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The 90-Day Challenge: Only Two Weeks Left!

Spring is in full swing in much of the world, which means we are nearing the end of our 90-Day Challenge. Take advantage of the remaining two weeks for one last big push! Redouble your efforts in the home stretch. Fill in all the gaps in your progress snapshot to complete the Challenge and make […]

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Week 11 of the Language Challenge. We are Almost There!

The tenth week is now behind us. It’s been a long journey, but we are almost at the finish line! After ten weeks of steady effort, how do you feel with your target language? More confident? Surprised at your improvements? Still frustrated? The good news is that the journey doesn’t end with our Language Challenge. […]

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Week 10: Language Learning Has Become a Habit

It may sound unbelievable but it is already week 10 of our 90-Day Challenge! At this point, language learning has certainly become a habit that will be difficult to break. The more we spend on our languages the better, but, even a small amount of time each day makes the difference in helping you progress. […]

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Week 9 of the Challenge: Time to hear from you!

We have just started week 9 of the Challenge. The finish line is getting closer! Many of you are hitting all your targets but, as we see in the poll results below, some are finding certain targets difficult. Don’t worry! A little focus on those areas can quickly catch you up. There is more than […]

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Week 8: We Are on Our Way to an Even Greater Level of Fluency!

Wow, we are now in week 8! This means that we have just passed the halfway point of our 90-Day Challenge journey! We’re sure you have already noticed major improvements in your language abilities. Stay focused over the remaining 6 weeks. Intensity in language learning improves results exponentially! Stay with it to achieve that major […]

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Where do you LingQ?

The weekend is finally here! What are your Challenge plans for the next couple of days? Are you planning to stay at home and LingQ ’til the early hours of the morning, or will you take your lessons with you as you walk, hike, run or shop? Take a picture where you LingQ and post […]

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Week 7: You Will be Rewarded with Major Progress in your Language

It seems like we just started but we are in week 7 already! A big piece of Challenge cake has already been eaten, but even more is waiting for us! Congratulations to the top LingQers in all languages, and to all of you who continue to forge ahead! Know that you will be rewarded with […]

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Week 6: Are You Noticing Significant Progress?

As we head in to Week 6 you should definitely be noticing significant progress! We’re well over a month in and if you have been meeting your targets, you have already done a lot. The number of Challenge participants continues to grow so you latecomers have some work to do to catch up but you […]

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