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Provider Awards for May 2014

The LingQ Library wouldn’t be one of the best foreign language libraries on the web without our great contributors. They are not only learning themselves but also helping others learn languages through a variety of lessons on all sorts of different topics. As you know, each month we collect the expired points on LingQ and […]

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New Summer – New Lessons on LingQ!

The summer is here with new inspiration for our language studies! Our summer formula is pretty simple: happy and enjoyable learning = sun + smile + interesting content. If you are missing the last component, please check out our new lessons added to the site over the last month. Pick something of interest in your language […]

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Check Out the New Language Lessons at LingQ!

Interesting content is king for those who learn languages. Everyone at LingQ today can choose from a variety of lessons from simple dialogues to works of literature. Politics, culture, entertainment, daily life… The list of topics could be endless. Check out the new language lessons in our library and pick something interesting in your target […]

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Provider Awards for April 2014

Thanks to our wonderful providers who took the time to contribute lessons to our library and help others learn languages. If you like a lesson, don’t forget to give it a “rose” as a way to thank the provider for the great content they have shared! Each month, we collect the expired points on LingQ […]

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The 90-Day Challenge: A Look Back

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 90-Day Challenge! From January 15 to April 15, many of us have been working hard on our languages, sacrificing other activities, maybe even sleeping less… but it was worth it! Congratulations to all our participants, both those who have met all the targets (and have earned a nice graduation cap for […]

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Final Week of Our 90-Day Language Challenge

Just 7 days left before our language challenge officially ends! Now is the time to push through to the end and get those targets met. Don’t forget! To see your targets, go to your Progress Snapshot and change the period to 90-Day Challenge. Make sure to record any activities you haven’t yet recorded. We’ve got a nice […]

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Language Lessons for All: Provider Awards for March 2014

Interesting content is key to successful language learning. Thankfully, LingQ has lots of interesting language lessons to help keep you engaged! While some lessons on LingQ are provided by us, most of the lessons come from our content providers. To say thanks, each month we collect the expired points on LingQ and redistribute them to […]

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The 90-Day Challenge: Only Two Weeks Left!

Spring is in full swing in much of the world, which means we are nearing the end of our 90-Day Challenge. Take advantage of the remaining two weeks for one last big push! Redouble your efforts in the home stretch. Fill in all the gaps in your progress snapshot to complete the Challenge and make […]

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New Language Lessons at LingQ

One of the secrets of successful language learning is finding content which seems interesting to you. Take a look at the new language lessons added to our library in March. Choose something of interest in your language and try it out. Arabic grimm (No description) Lessons in Course: 1, New This Month: 1 Czech Základní […]

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