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We know many of our members love LingQ and love to spread the word about LingQ for which we are extremely grateful! Our refer a friend program rewards you with 20 LingQs per referral (for Free accounts) along with 200 points ($2) each time a referral upgrades (and an additional $2 each month they stay!).

We have some members who have been very successful at driving referrals so we thought we would share their stories with you in hopes that you can find some of their secrets useful in helping you be more successful at driving referrals, and hopefully, earning more rewards!

Gintaras – Lithuania – 28,000+ referrals

Gintaras, the “LingQ Builder”, was an amazing member who managed to drive an unbelievable number of referrals. With a population of only 3 million, Gintaras managed to refer nearly 1% of Lithuania’s population to sign up for an account on LingQ! Gintaras built several different websites where he posted content related to learning English online, and it was through these sites that he managed to refer nearly 30,000 members.

Learning_English – Brazil – 16,000+ referrals

Learning_English is the pseudonym of a fellow named Pedro. Pedro has amassed a huge number of referrals by linking to LingQ from his blog and also by posting questions on Yahoo Answers in Portuguese and including a reference to LingQ (with his referral URL). Pedro’s blog managed to attract a lot of visitors as he focused on how to learn English, which is a popular search term in most parts of the world.

Delaf – Russia – 11,000+ referrals

Delaf, our top referrer from Russia, has been actively promoting LingQ for several years now. He has authored some posts on popular Russian blog sites and has promoted LingQ through various different online forums as well. Through sharing his referral URL and his Known Words badge, Delaf has been extremely successful at spreading the word about LingQ to Russians all over the world.


So how can you help spread the word about LingQ? 

1. Post about LingQ on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other social media platforms. Friends often want to hear about great products or services that you’re using, so tell them what LingQ has done for you and try to encourage them to join as well.

2. Are you a member of any forums or online communities? Start a thread or discussion about languages and mention LingQ.

3. If you have a blog or website, post your LingQ Avatar or your Known Words Badge. Even a simple link to LingQ in the sidebar will work to help guide people to the site.

4. Good old word-of-mouth. Have a friend who is learning a language? Encourage them to check out LingQ as a tool to help them learn a language.

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