The 90-Day Challenge: A Look Back

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the 90-Day Challenge!

From January 15 to April 15, many of us have been working hard on our languages, sacrificing other activities, maybe even sleeping less… but it was worth it!

Congratulations to all our participants, both those who have met all the targets (and have earned a nice graduation cap for their Avatar), and those who didn’t quite make it but still hopefully had a wonderful time with their languages! Thanks to all of you who participated in this 3-month adventure. Although the 90-Day Challenge is over, our language learning journeys continue. Good luck!


2,648 Participants

6,906,997 Known Words

2,067,537 LingQs

The Most Active Languages:

English – 2,764,563 Known Words, 370,044 LingQs

French – 951,901 Known Words, 297,591 LingQs

Spanish – 844,658 Known Words, 289,825 LingQs

German – 612,514 Known Words, 251,159 LingQs

Russian – 481,363 Known Words, 253,912 LingQs




The goal of intensified language learning spurts, such as the 90-Day Challenge, should be to achieve momentum in our studies, rather than to achieve any particular level of fluency. I f we gain momentum and confidence, and a better sense for the language, the fluency will inevitably follow, in due course.

Get more inspirational tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he has just completed his 90-Day Korean Challenge.

To reward Steve for sharing with us his 3-month Korean journey with us, Galina made him this cute crocheted Avatar. We hope this souvenir will bring him inspiration and good luck in all future challenges!

Avatar reward


True LingQers are not afraid of challenges and… Arctic cold


snorrews: I am your Northernmost member, living here above 78 degrees North in the High Arctic. I have really enjoyed the challenge. I have studied Russian for almost two years. During that time there have been several “boosts” in my learning process and understanding. A major boost was last summer, when I started using LingQ, a second this autumn when I started speaking much more Russian on Skype (with Russians learning Norwegian). The challenge has given me some targets to focus on. At first, I thought they were way too high. Increasing known words with 50%? As the time went on and I saw that the targets were obtainable. Also, it (re-)taught me the old lesson of continuous effort – do something every day. Not only did I creep closer to the targets, I also got regular exposure to the language. The last week I have stepped the pace a bit in order to reach all targets.
In our small village (2000 people), there are also several Russians, and 60 km from us, there is the Russian mining town Barentsburg. In the wintertime we visit them on snowmobile (there are no roads between us). Also, Russia is Norway’s biggest neighbour and has always fascinated me. I have only been to Russia once, visiting Kaliningrad several years ago.
I took the challenge hoping it would lift my Russian to a new level giving me the boost I had previously experienced. It has! Now, the next level (Advanced 1) doesn’t seem unreachable anymore!
The lesson that I’ve learned from the challenge: instead of reading forums, blogs and the internet on how to learn Russian, JUST READ RUSSIAN! 😉 My favourite Russian word: Отлично! (great)
I also know English, German, Swedish and Danish. I am reading some Dutch just for fun. I think Russian will give me pleasure and challenges for many years, so I have no intention of stopping with Russian. However, being inspired by Steve, I have Spanish and Mandarin on my list. So, there is still plenty to learn!


“Now it’s a habit”


huggie_spice: Wow, I can’t believe it is the final day of the 90-Day Challenge! It has been long, grueling and fun. I am both relieved and sad that it has come to an end but I am very excited about all that I’ve ingested and learned in the past 90 days. Because of the intense immersion in Italian I’ve gotten over the hump and am now tackling more difficult material on topics that I find interesting and enriching. While I plan to cut back on the amount of time I spend learning Italian I will surely continue to do a little bit every day because now it’s a habit. Thank you, LingQ, for the Challenge. I would not have done it if you had not proposed it:)

New Father’s Ambitions


derekhyang:  The 90-day Challenge has been nothing short of a great ride. I chose Swedish for the challenge both for practical reasons (I work in Sweden) and for fun. Being a software developer of a start-up and a father of a newborn daughter (I have a high goal for her – 11 languages!), who was born one month after the challenge started, my biggest challenge was definitely to find the time. So far, I’m very proud that I’ve managed things well.

The highlight for me during the challenge was that I managed to fool a Swedish lady at our office’s cafeteria with my Swedish. She didn’t realize that I was just a learner until one day our conversation went far beyond my level. That was after several weeks of nearly daily conversation!

The challenge also gives me a different perspective on writing. It turns out that writing is a great way to solidify my knowledge of the language and to fully activate my passive vocabulary. I’ll definitely do more writing in the future.

Moving forward, there’s absolutely no doubt that I’ll continue with my Swedish and enjoy it. Besides, I’m already thinking about challenging myself in another language so that I have more to enjoy. Maybe Italian next time?


A huge thanks to everyone who joined in the 90-Day Challenge, and congratulations on all your achievements over the past 90 days!


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