One Third of the 90-Day Language Challenge

We are now almost a third of the way through our language Challenge. It’s a good time to take stock and review how you are doing (check your progress snapshot) and what we have achieved collectively (see the chart below). Give yourself a quick pat on the back and then move on to Week 5! As many of you mentioned on the forums, it is not easy to meet all the targets but… that’s why it’s called a challenge!

See what you need to do to give the top LingQers a run for their money in the 90-Day Challenge.

90-day language challenge summary

Steve’s tip of the week

“We sometimes feel we have no time to study. In some cases we have to sacrifice other activities to make time for language study. However, with our hand mobile learning devices, lots of dead time during the day can be used for language study. It’s amazing how it all adds up.

Some days we don’t feel like studying. At times a good strategy is to vary the kind of studying activity we are engaged in. Maybe we are staying too long with the same content, trying very hard to make sense of it, or remember it. When we feel discouraged we should move on to something else, or watch a movie in the language, or just take a rest. Our enthusiasm is our best guarantee of success and it needs to nurtured.”

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge on YouTube

Challenge Spotlight

Check back each week as we profile different Challenge participants. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!

ferdy profile

For Ferdy, the 90-Day Challenge is providing good motivation to keep studying intensively as he works on improving his Czech. He can already see the results of the effort he’s made so far: “I’m happy with how it is going. Normally I take a month off after a few weeks intensive, but with this challenge, I hope to keep focused.” Good luck! Hodně štěstí!

lucas profile

TheBrazilianPolyglot (Lucas) chose Italian for the 90-Day Challenge. The similarities between Italian and his native language is Portuguese should help, but it’s still hard work to learn a new language! Lucas says he reads and listens a little bit every day, but he feels that it’s not enough. The next step is to download lesson audio files and listen as much as possible. He expects to be busy as he begins a new job this week, but he plans to keep learning after work and listening to his lessons while commuting back and forth. Buona fortuna, Lucas!

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